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Your running training plan

Prepare your race from 5km to Marathon with Flit Run, your personalized training plan app for running.

Synchronisation avec Strava

Customized plans

Sessions with specific paces and climbs at your own pace.

Flexible organization

Choose and modify your training days without disrupting your progress

Various sessions

Every week new sessions: split, pyramids, tempo, etc.

How to use Flit Run 🔥​

4 simple steps to start your training plan :

Synchronize your apps

Connect your Strava account (free) to Flit Run so we know your fitness level and can track your progress easily.

Define your goal

Tell us everything! What is your goal? Finish your first half? Run the time of your life in a 10K? Going for the marathon? Just run for fun? We'll adapt the rest to suit.

Choose your rhythm

Tell us how many times you plan to run per week and your favorite days. You can always change them later.

Let us guide you!

In a few minutes, your running application offers you your program for the week. Now all you have to do is follow the instructions.

Your turn to run!

Why is it great? 🤗​

With Flit Run, you don’t need to spend hours on the internet to find a marathon training plan, understand how to do each session and adapt it to your level. We do it for you! Each week, you have your own program proposed and explained in a simple way.

Focus on execution: push yourself, listen to yourself, and have fun.

Simple and Fast

You don't need to think. Start the workouts and follow the Flit Run instructions.

Specific paces

A target pace made for you that is proposed on each segment of your race. Follow the guide!

Optimal progress

The program is optimized for you, it adapts to your level, your evolution, and your fatigue day after day.

Detailed analysis

Always stay motivated by watching your progress over the weeks on your application.

Various sessions

Numerous sessions proposed each week, detailed and explained. You know what you're doing.

Adapted to your schedule

Your plan is recalculated and adapted so that you don't drop out!

Runners' opinions 💬

The app is continuously improving to support you in your running. New technologies allow us to progressively adapt to your level, and new features are coming to better meet everyone’s needs. Do not hesitate to give us feedback so that we can improve. We take all comments with pleasure.


It's like having a coach running around next to me all the time and letting me know when I'm not doing my session correctly.


I have 2 expectations: the flexibility of flexibility and the possibility to transfer my training sessions to my sessions to my Garmin.


I like the workouts. I used to not do progressive splits or active phases in my running at all.


The app allowed me to improve my MAS sessions by giving me specific paces. I discovered types of sessions that I didn't know at all and that allow me to vary my outings.


Individualizing training is very important and requires a lot of expertise. It is a great challenge to automate this work!


I like it. The app is interesting, the workouts are diversified.


I've tried other apps: but the problem is that as soon as you miss a session or two, the plan is totally out of order. In recreational running you need this flexibility!


I'm happy to discover new workouts. Especially the VMA and the threshold which I find cool.


It would be nice to have additional information to explain why we offer such and such a session, such and such a week. Especially when there is a drop in load.

The press talks about us 📢

in running ?

One answer: it's up to you! 🫵​

Individualization: the key to performance

From the type of sessions that best suit you to the weekly volume you need, not to mention the pace you should target for each session, everything depends on your profile!

But how do you know what your profile is?

If you are at a high level you can do mechanical and effort tests with professional equipment, otherwise you can rely on your training history to know you.

At Flit Sport this is our job: your training data is automatically analyzed by our algorithms to always prescribe you THE running session you need. That’s why we don’t give you your sessions several weeks in advance, and that’s also why we don’t ask you what time you’re aiming for at the end of your program: everything is calculated as you progress to take you to the top of your potential.

« Show me how you run, and I’ll tell you how to run ».

We help you on all your errands 🏁

5 km, 10 km, half or marathon, our mission remains the same: to help you reach your goal!

Our dream: to help you realize yours! 🤩​

To each his own pace, to each his own level, to each his own goal. From the international race to the village association race, through the connected race, your program will be made for you according to what you really need. Gain seconds, gain miles, gain confidence, the progression is limitless. We play on your strengths and weaknesses so that you can explode your time.

Prices 🤑​

Running has never been a luxury and never should be. Cheap, quality training plans are important! Discover your personalized training plan app Flit Run for a month for free, and don’t break the piggy bank. 1 month free then 7,99€/month, with your choice of
2 payment methods.

👉 Per monthly subscription
👉 By paying a one-time fee to access the program until you reach your goal


With 1 free month

📅 Per month or 🎯 To the goal

accesses all features

✅ Unlimited access to the app

✅ One goal and as many intermediate goals as you want!

✅ Detailed sessions to follow

✅ Success analysis on each session

✅ Give feedback and adapt your plan each week

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